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Submission guidelines

Dear authors,

Thank you for considering ULITKA for publishing your works. The editors welcome submissions of haiku and senryu either in traditional or free form. Please submit your poems in Russian, which have not previously appeared in Russian either in printed or in edited on-line publications. Please note, that postings on the personal web pages, weblogs and forums as well as self-publications on haiku-related web-sites are not viewed as publications.

We also welcome submissions of articles on haiku and haiku-related genres as well as tanka, renga, haibun and haiga. We will consider them separately on a case by case basis.

We accept simultaneous submission and works previously published in languages other than Russian (please indicate if this is the case and provide the appropriate credits). We would require you, however, to withdraw your works from consideration elsewhere once it has been accepted to be published in ULITKA, or inform us at your earliest convenience if the works you had submitted to ULITKA has been accepted by another publication.

ULITKA is scheduled to be published tree times a year. We would normally confirm acceptance for publication in the coming issue two months after the submission deadline.

Editors of ULITKA encourage the authors to accompany their submissions with a few of words about themselves (and ideally with a small photo). This information will be published in the magazine together with your works. Needless to say that this is not obligatory and does not influence the editors' decision to accept the poems for publication in any respect.

All rights revert to the author upon publication in ULITKA, but we would require mentioning ULITKA as first publication where applicable.

In every issue of ULITKA several works (among those selected for publication and which the editors like most) will be featured separately, each with an elaborate commentary.

All works (up to 25 per submission) should be sent to ulitkaonline@gmail.com in the body of the e-mail (please do not submit your works in attachments or links to web-sites).

Looking forward to seeing you among our contributors